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We just love ice cream!

We are Jason and Ailynn. We love ice cream. Our goal is to create a business around our family and hopefully a pretty sweet legacy. We also want to add to Edmonton's local food scene by sharing what we know and love. 

Yelo'd will be a place where you can experience Filipino and Asian inspired flavours in our soft serve ice creams and baked goods from cookies to cakes. 

We are literally going to be that "Mom and Pop shoppe". The place you go to when you want something sweet, unique, and a cold treat on those cold winter days...errr Hot summer days!

With over 10 years experience in running our own businesses (one being Edmonton's first custom cake shop), we are confident in our vision and can't wait for you to join our adventure.

When you see us next, ask us about why the yin yang is so important. Prepare for your hearts to melt. Hot summer day, not required.



It's what's on the inside that counts

Yelo’d is a unique soft serve ice cream and bake shoppe. Our flavours are inspired by Filipino culture and Asian flavours. The ice cream offerings include flavours like Ube (sweet purple yam), Matcha (green tea), Buko (coconut), Mangga (mango), Black Vanilla, and tsokolate (Malt chocolate). Our ice creams are made with Canadian sourced Dairy and organic ingredients. The soft serve ice creams are served in waffle cones made in house from scratch that include flavours like red velvet and ube, and cones infused with activated dark charcoal to give the cones an ultra-black colour.

The bake shoppe side will include the Filipino bun called pan-de-sal. The freshly baked buns will be a unique way to present ice cream sandwiches. The bake side will also include unique roll cakes, custom cakes for weddings and birthdays; as well as an assortment of cookies and baked goods including our signature waffle fortune cookies for walk in clientele and for special order.

Although ice cream is a niche market, Edmonton currently only competes in the hard/scooped ice cream business. Soft serve is flexible in that the flavours can be changed as we please and various toppings can be added to each order to make each menu item unique. Using Filipino/Asian flavours would make us stand out from any competitor serving the run of the mill flavoured ice creams. Soft serve has a quick turn around time, the machines are user friendly and can handle idle times as well as operate smoothly during peak times. The biggest strengths of the business is our background in running our own past businesses. Ailynn owned and operated Whimsical Cake Studio Inc from 2005-2014. Jason has owned his own cleaning and plumbing business over the past 7 years. We both come with strong contacts in the baking and industrial side of business.

Filipino and Asian flavoured soft serve have already hit markets in big cities such as New York, LA, Toronto. In 2017, the black cones and purple and black ice creams became a huge Instagram sensation and customers in these cities lined up for these soft serve ice creams. Having seen how well they have done and continue to do, we have the opportunity to build on this success. We are able to expand to more than just soft serve because of our history and experience with operating a cake shop. During winter months, we can put focus on the bake side.