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Soft Serve

We make our soft serve in house using the freshest ingredients we can. Our goal is to bring you nostalgia and a taste of our heritage through our unique flavours.

We have four flavours on tap at any give time. Flavours will be on a rotating basis and will include the following, with many more to come!

PINTS ARE ALSO AVAILABLE...just ask us which ones we have.

UBE (purple yam)

BUKO (coconut)

MANGGA (mango)

PINYA (pineapple)

SAGING (banana)

BUKO PANDAN (coconut pandan)

PAKWAN (watermelon)

MILO'D (malted chocolate)

TANG (orange)




YEMA (caramel)

BARAKO (Filipino coffee)

MASAFLORA (passion fruit)

PRESA (strawberry)

MACAPUNO (coconut sport)

PISTATSO (pistachio)

ABUKADO (avocado)

WHITE RABBIT (just like the candy)




PUMPKIN PIE (seasonal)



HONEY LUYA (honey ginger)

You can also select any of our available soft serves

to have as:



Soft Serve + Locally roasted espresso + Condensed Milk


Soft Serve + Warm Semi-Sweet Chocolate Rice Pudding+ Condensed Milk

Baked Goods

The next best thing to ice cream are baked goods...that you can eat WITH the ice cream, of course! We have an assortment of buns, pastries, cookies, doughnuts, and cakes all on a rotation based on demand and bakers choice. You can keep up to date with what's in our pastry case by following us on Instagram.

Cookie Flavours include, but not limited to:


Matcha + Cookies and Cream

Black Sesame + Milk Chocolate Chip

Pandan + Buko

Mocha + Dark Chocolate Chips

Confetti + Banana

Milo + Milk and Dark Chocolate Chips

Cornflake + Coconut + Oatmeal


The quintessential Filipino merienda (snack). It's a Filipino brioche style pastry baked with butter and extensive rising time. The end results is a light fluffy treat best served slightly warmed.

We added a very unique Yelo'd twist by adding a very thin layer of buttercream and our crushed up cookies. Don't worry, we kept a couple of traditional versions too! We don't stock this daily, so call or check our instagram for updates!

Flavours include, but not limited to:

Butter + Sugar

Buttercream + Keso

Buttercream + Ube + Nut Crumble

Buttercream + Buko Pandan Crumble

Buttercream + Cookies N Cream Crumble

Ice Cream Cakes

We have ice cream cakes ready to go! They are however, first come first pick and when they're gone they're gone.

Our ready to go ice cream cakes are 3 layers of cake: Ube, Pandan, Mocha or Vanilla cakes plus two layers of our ice cream.

6" (serves 10-15+) $55

Custom orders are $60

Yelo Stix and Catering Goodies

We would love to be a part of your next event! Yes, you can have our ice cream and baked goods at your next celebration! Come and see us or message us on Instagram or via email to inquire.

From YeloStix, individual portioned ice cream cups, cookie sandwiches and more!