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Represent our Ice Cream Yin Yang with pride.

Our Story

We were just kids when we first met. We were just 17 years old (maybe younger). We didn't really know what love was yet, but we knew there was something bigger happening than what we could comprehend at the time we first met. We became fast friends...on and off annoying each other with not telling the other what was really on our minds. This is true to this day still (haha). Jason wore a yin yang pendant almost daily and one day, as we were walking down Whyte Ave, we stopped at a table where a lady was selling jewelry. Jason spotted a mini yin yang necklace and bought it for me. I guess that was the first way he said, "I love you." But he wouldn't say the words for a couple more years.

Alas, life moved us in different directions and we lived over a decade without each other. Until one day, there was a "hello", which inevitably propelled our lives to where we are today. Building a family, a business, and a life we love and work so hard for.

The yin yang represents where we left off and how we came together to be whole again. Cheesy as it maybe, we are each others soulmates...or "more than" as you'll often hear us say. When it came time to decide on a logo for the business, there was never any doubt that it had to incorporate the yin yang. It simply represents what makes us whole: love, dreams, happiness, and all that comes with it.

There's so much that happened in the in between. Some things definitely worth sharing, so ask us next time you're in the shoppe! 

It brings us crazy joy that you rep us with pride when you sport the ice cream yin yang. As always, your support humbles us and we are forever grateful.

JW + Ailynn